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Are Your Aging Feet Getting Flatter and Causing Pain? We Have Relief

Our feet have such a small surface area, yet are tasked with holding up our bodies day in and day out. They help us get from place to place, and stabilize us when we want to stand still. We may often forget how much they do for us and how, as we age, they sometimes need some extra care.

As we age, the arches in our feet may start to flatten and cause pain – not just in our feet, but also, perhaps, in our ankles, knees, and hips. There are several possible reasons for this, some of which include:

While some of these causes may not be avoidable, we provide treatments at North Central Texas Foot & Ankle’s offices in Decatur and Roanoke, Texas, that can help with your pain.

What can be done to help the pain?

First and foremost, if you’re experiencing pain in or around your foot, schedule an appointment to get checked out by one of our experienced podiatrists, Samantha Childers, DPM, or Ricky Childers, DPM. Getting an accurate diagnosis results in the best treatment options for your specific case.

Treatment typically begins with a more conservative approach. Something as simple as changing your shoes to more structurally supportive ones could make all the difference. Trying orthotics for arch support is a great option, as well. You might give over-the-counter ones a try, or your doctor might suggest custom-made orthotics.

Incorporating stretching exercises into your daily routine can be quite helpful. Stretching may be paired with other conservative treatment options such as physical therapy. Low-impact aerobic exercises can be great treatment and fun! If your pain persists, anti-inflammatory medications could be an option – these may come in the form of a pill or a topical.

Do I need surgery?

If the typical conservative treatments don’t seem to be effective in your case, your podiatrist may suggest surgery. Depending on your case, you could receive an inpatient or outpatient procedure.

Some surgical options are:

Each case is different, and your podiatrist will discuss yours with you at length in order to make a decision that works best for you. Contact us via our website, or call our Decatur office at 940-208-0379 or our Roanoke office at 817-438-4133 to schedule your appointment.

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